Site Development & Funemployment

A log of my work on this site and the other stuff that makes up my days between job commitments. Taking advantage of the free time to relax, recharge, and learn tons of new things.

21 April 2016

There are a couple of prominent articles about how to do the "blur up" technique, or what can be described as loading a very small image in place of a big image (background, usually), then lazyloading the large version and using a blur filter to bring it into focus after the rest of page has... more.

16 April 2016

Mystery solved! Okay, this is a Drupal site and therefore I'm using CKEditor and IMCE as one does. But I wasn't seeing any buttons (or really any functionality at all) in the file browser window. I looked at all kinds of things as possible culprits.

8 April 2016

There are so many factors to look at when trying to improve site speed and page load performance times. I've been digging pretty deep with this stuff over the past couple of weeks. 

Google's Web Fundamentals might be the... more.

5 April 2016

Doing short-term consulting, sleuthing around files and systems, I feel like a spy. A special agent. It's like solving a crime. Something bad happened to these files. Something... wrong.