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30 Jul 2017

Hello all,

I am so heartened by people's willingness to discuss this topic, it is not easy, but I believe it is so very worth the effort. None of us are at the exact same place on this journey, so I try to keep that foremost in my mind, that we are all being helped along by each other -... more.

13 Jul 2017

If life is unfair, and I better to get used to it... does that mean that I never fight for what I want or deserve or have rights to? Does that mean that when someone steals from me or takes credit for my work or prevents me from reaching my potential, that I should simply sigh and remind... more.

12 May 2017

I want to reframe the narrative I've believed around embracing diversity and inclusion up until very recently in my life. 

To cope with my own discomfort in interacting with other people, on a sometimes misanthropic level, but other times just a level of tiredness, feeling... more.

9 May 2017

Here's my advice: Unless someone explicitly asks for your advice, don't offer advice. Maybe not even then.

When I tell someone about a problem, I am not asking for advice. I am asking to be heard and understood. I do not want or need someone else to solve my problems... unless I... more.

30 Apr 2017

"We live in a society where sexual oppression is commonplace, where men seem only to feel in control through expressions of power, domination and violence. You see, before you can even begin to understand women, you must understand that it is the women of this country who've had their sexuality... more.

30 Apr 2017

My niece is taking a Women's Study class in high school and asked me if I'd answer 7 questions about equality and feminism, and, it seems, 1 question about a favorite movie. I am a huge fan of my niece and have rarely felt so honored as when I received this request. And since this one... more.