Site Development & Funemployment

A log of my work on this site and the other stuff that makes up my days between job commitments. Taking advantage of the free time to relax, recharge, and learn tons of new things.

26 June 2016

Let me be clear, I love Instagram. I have a nice, healthy relationship with it. I don't "curate" my life in order to evoke feelings in other people.

17 June 2016

Here is where I document what I do to update Drupal core for a security update, as well as Views and four less critical modules.

First: Google, "update drupal core" and find handy instructions

Make backup of database: done. I... more.

7 June 2016

With my abundance of free time, I've picked up a weird habit of taking elaborate issue with bugs and user-interface issues that annoy me. I also started a Slack group for a project I'm working on. As I began inviting people to the group, I found a bothersome UI situation I felt compelled to... more.

30 May 2016

Some posts really need this disclaimer: This site is mostly notes to myself. :)

Ever since I bit the bullet and started paying for Photoshop (self-employed means I pay for such things now, but also, I set the dress code!), it's been mostly pretty great. I sure would like it if my custom... more.